Welcome to the third annual conference of TRISE, August 28-31, in Patras, Greece!


This year’s Conference is titled The Power to Destroy, The Power to Create and with this general theme we want to address the double-sided nature of our time – discussing both the destructive forces of global capitalism and the creative response from social movements.

The conference title is taken from social ecologist Murray Bookchins manifesto-like essay from 1970 that you can find here.

The program spans from Friday to Monday and consist of a broad range of seminars, workshops and roundtable discussions structured around our four sub themes:

  1. Social Ecology in Practice
  2. The Democratic and Ecological City
  3. Academia, Activism and Social Change
  4. Europe in Crises and Revolts

TRISE (Transnational Institute of Social Ecology) is a transnational network of activists/researchers concerned with both ecology and the development of today’s cities. We aim at working in partnership with civil society, as a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Learn more about TRISE at http://trise.org/